Zenman Launches Website for Epoch Eyewear

Zenman is excited to announce our newest website launch, Epoch Eyewear.

In 2014, Epoch Eyewear began building a brand that was known for being the best quality sunglasses offered at prices people could afford. A passion for sunglasses and people has helped Epoch Eyewear to expand rapidly in a short period of time. Epoch’s success grew rapidly after introducing safety rated sunglasses and photochromic lenses in our motorcycle performance products. The safety products delivered sunglasses that people actually wanted to wear when required to wear protective eyewear.

“Epoch Eyewear embraces the “work hard, play hard” culture. We’re fortunate enough to have a non-commissioned sales team that gives their all with the common goal of building an awesome brand and great place to work. When starting the company, we had people who worked for just about nothing because they believed in what we were doing. Now we’re able to pay them a little bit more, but that grit and grind attitude is still what drives us and we like to thank everyone here for that. ” — Epoch

Check out their website here: Epoch Eyewear

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