How to Quantify Creativity in The Digital World

Your digital creativity and vision can take many forms: written word, photography, design, and video, among others. And while art for art’s sake is respectable and welcomed, sometimes you need to quantify your creativity into predictable revenue.

But how do you quantify digital creativity and decode it to stakeholders? Though it might seem difficult, there are a number of ways to measure your creative digital efforts.

To start, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How well does my creativity attract new customers?
  • Are my creative assets and campaigns converting targeted users?
  • Does my messaging motivate customers to re-purchase or upgrade?

Let’s find out!

Baseline Metrics

Designing font

To adequately measure your creativity, you need to start with a baseline. How are your current page designs, content, and ads performing? While essential metrics will vary from industry to industry, here are some examples you could use to accurately benchmark.

Page Design

Measure your page’s creative design with the following metrics:

  • Bounce Rate: Monitor bounce rate and attempt to discover why some pages perform better or worse than others.
  • Time on Page: How long are users spending on each page? Consider how long a user should spend and see if it’s meeting your expectations.
  • Scroll: How far are users getting down your page before they click to another or bounce off-site?

A simple way to analyze VIP pages is to activate event tracking in GA. You can tell when a visitor played a video, clicked a CTA, or browsed services/products.

Creative Content

Use Facebook insights to compare which creative assets performed well and which did not. Look at clicks, engagement, and cost per result. Which posts received the most engagement and why? Was it due to the format, idea, or execution of the post?


Which text ads and visual displays receive the most clicks? Is this because of the creative or the location of the ad? Segmenting this data can give you insight into your organization’s creativity and the value behind it.

A/B Testing

Once you’ve established your baseline metrics, you can better measure your digital creativity in segments. To do this, run A/B tests on your pages, content, and ads.

For web pages, test elements within the same design. Perhaps color blocking, animations, or clever call to actions. As you work through this, differentiate one variable at a time so you can understand what elements are the biggest contributors to conversions and revenue.

Within social media, create different ads inside the same ad sets. Test your creative on the same audience– which performed better and why?

Ads are easy to A/B test and many platforms give you the option to do this with one-click.

Inbound Campaigns

Campaign ideas

Each time you create a new digital marketing campaign, (especially if your campaigns are supporting similar products or services) test various creative assets and messages.

Push your brand limits to create a spectrum of creativity, ranging from conservative to innovative. Rank each piece of media on this spectrum and deploy them across your owned channels. How do your inbound efforts contribute to traffic and engagement?

After your campaigns have been measured, piece it together with your page design and see how your inbound efforts and static web pages complement each other. Maintain records to show how your creativity has evolved and what results you can prove.

Final Creative Thoughts

Make sure the promotional efforts that surround your creativity are congruent so you can have better insight. If one campaign uses influencers and another uses email, it’s difficult to know why which one performs better.

A cohesive brand is essential but can restrict some of your creativity if you let it. That’s why we recommend working with a team that thinks outside of the box and provides creative value that aligns with your brand.

Here at Zenman, quantitative creativity is a core value. We can help you achieve your creative potential with our diverse team and distinct process.  Contact us for a creative consultation.

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