Yet Another 2019 Predictions Post

We are almost to the new year (hallelujah!) and we’re rounding up our team’s thoughts on 2019 digital predictions. From development and design to content and SEO, the digital landscape is always changing, so we must stay ahead of the trends–whether we love them or not.

Without further ado, here are Zenman’s 2019 digital predictions.

Bold & Dark Colors

Pantone’s color of the year is “Living Coral“, and while the importance of their choices will always be a source of contention, the explosion of 2016’s Rose Quartz aka “Millenial Pink” is undeniable.

There’s also been a growing shift towards darker backgrounds (OSX Mojave anyone?), and International Klein Blue seems to be inspiring more and more pop-up brands. Whether the bold colors turn out to be similar to Living Coral or not, it’s a safe bet you’ll see bold, dark colors in digital this year.

Animation Everywhere

Animations bring more child-like wonder to the web, even for adult sites (ex.

As such, animated interactions and visual cues–along with browser improvements allowing for more and better animations–will be a rapidly evolving arms race of innovation. Animated story-telling, bold colors, and geometric and organic shapes; basically any other trend will have to combine with this one and be animateable in some way.

Eco-Conscious Web

We’re predicting small, lightweight sites that are still visually appealing and easy to use. We hope there is an interest taken in the energy that is required to serve websites and that we start designing to be leaner and greener. “Dark mode” is actually energy-efficient, and reduces eye strain and health issues.

Typeface Camps

There is a big dichotomy between Helvetica-ization and vintage typefaces. Either brands are embracing a knock-off Helvetica black and white branding (uber, Mozilla, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Animal Planet) or they already had that look and are branching out with vintage typefaces (Dropbox, MailChimp, medium, abstract, Humaaans). We have seen no in-between and expect 2019 designs to follow one of those paths.

Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations will replace a lot of page’s images. The classic “hero image” is played out and companies want to step out of the stock photography look. At one point it was professional, and now it’s just bland. Any way a company can plug more personality into its imagery, the better. They also allow for creative animations and eye-catching engagement.

Marketing Technology Adoption

Marketing technology has made such vast improvements in the past five years that it’s difficult to know what’s available. But it’s certain that the first competitors to adopt a suite of cohesive marketing technology will edge out their competitors. From cookie-driven prospecting to IP address identification software to blog post-conversion attribution, MarTech is going gangbusters in 2019.

Lack of Content Creators

To clarify, we don’t think there will be a lack of creators, but a lack of talented, ROI-minded content creators. As brands scramble to produce articles, video, photography, and website copy, they’ll enlist disconnected freelancers and Instagram influencers to produce content.

Much of this content will be subpar and misaligned with the business. It will fall by the wayside and fail to contribute to a business’s core brand and revenue.

The Continued Downward Spiral of Twitter

Between “Russian bots” and rampant verbal abuse, there is a massive amount of harassment and misinformation on Twitter. As celebrities and notable journalists abandon this platform, Twitter will lose more of its follower audience. And as the general sentiment about social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, worsens, Twitter will become less and less attractive for brands.

These 2019 digital predictions (and the ones that have yet to emerge) will keep the digital world on its toes as we shift our strategies and processes.

And of course, if you want to work with a future-predicting team of digital experts, give us a shout in the New Year.

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