Valley View: Web Design, Development & Content Creation

Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs, Colorado has multiple locations, divisions, clinics, and specialties. Two of these specialty practices were growing so quickly, they required their own website (rather than just a page on the main hospital site).

These two practices were the Glenwood Orthopaedic Center and Heart & Vascular Center. Since both properties lived underneath Valley View, we wanted to give them the same look and feel some patients could immediately tell they were a part of the same brand. We completed the full web design, development in WordPress, content creation, and SEO launch support.

Web Design & Development

Features included:

  • Homepage video header
  • Tabular module to showcase different treatment options
  • Easy to update doctors profiles using javascript
  • Easy to update location pages using javascript
  • Instantly downloadable patient resources
  • Custom testimonials feature
  • Click to call and click to schedule
Mobile Homepage

Mobile Homepage

Content Creation

We also were contracted to create the entire site’s content, using SEO to leverage search traffic.

As we wrote the copy, our main goal was to speak to patients with kind, caring, and compassionate messaging. We knew that most of the site’s visitors wouldn’t know much about joint replacement procedures and imaging, but they would respond to “personalized and exceptional care” and “doctors that listen to your needs.” These concepts ending up being the theme of the entire website.

See it live: &

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