Design a Stellar Cart/Checkout Page with These Tips

If you’re an e-Commerce brand, one of the most essential parts of your website design is the user experience and design of your cart/checkout page. After all, every single user will interact with this page before they decide whether to give you money, and any disruption in the design experience or usability can lead to checkout dropoffs that can cost millions of dollars.

When you decide to refresh or redesign your business’s checkout page, consider each of the following categories: simplicity, brand experience, and security.

Here are tips for designing a cart/checkout page that converts.

Keep it Simple

Decision fatigue is real.

In fact, research shows that when you ask someone to make too many decisions in a short time span, they will often grow tired and abandon the task in front of them. Decision fatigue gets worse as the day progresses so if your website traffic spikes at night (many eCommerce brands do), this should be a huge factor in your design and eComm strategy.

Guest Checkout or Create Account? Visa or Paypal? 2-day shipping or standard?

There are some decisions that are absolutely necessary to complete the transaction. All others, avoid — you can always send an email and ask them to join your rewards program–preferably the next morning when their minds are fresh.

A few other tips

  • Keep the page’s design clean. Don’t distract with too many complementary products.
  • Always offer the ability to check out as a guest.
  • Offer the ability to replicate shipping/billing information with one button click.
  • Gamify the checkout process with a status bar.
  • Create “next” and “purchase” buttons that standout and are impossible to miss.

Create a Positive Buyer’s Experience

Create an actual shopping experience on your cart page with branded goodies (like social media highlights) and delivery dates (order within the next hour and get it by Tuesday).

Show complementary items and quick-decision add ons for a last-minute revenue boost. And once your customer has clicked your “Purchase” button, show a branded thank you message or landing page that encourages them to interact with you post-purchase. On this page, consider adding:

  • Social media feeds or follow icons
  • Engaging content that lives on your blog
  • A current contest that you’re running

Showcase Security

If you’re a massive brand, you probably already have a reputation for consumer trust and security. If you’re an emerging or boutique brand, make it clear that your business adheres to high-security standards. Include industry-specific badges and icons that add to your credibility and build confidence in your soon-to-be customers.

Similarly, It should be immediately obvious which payment options you support. Include a promotional code field, gift card option, and PayPal icon.

If you need help creating an optimized and designed cart/checkout page, contact Zenman. We can design and develop custom eCommerce solutions for brands of any size.

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