5 Copywriting Tips That Will Instantly Improve Your Core Webpages

Copywriting is one of those things that, when done well, you hardly notice it. But when done poorly, it screams unprofessional, uninspired, and dated.

Since influential copywriting directly relates to your brand sentiment, site traffic, and conversion rate, getting it right is crucial. Here are a few quick copywriting tips that can help marketing teams, founders, and writers create outstanding web copy that converts.

Plan & Record Individual Page Goals

Before you create or refresh a core web page, define that page’s goals. Write the goals at the top of your doc. And get specific.

Without a goal, it’s easy to get caught up in features or a fancy CTA without circling back to what the page needs to accomplish.

Here’s an example:

“After interacting with this page, I want my readers to think my brand is luxurious and my product is worth the price tag. I want them to read the customer reviews section towards the bottom of the page so they can see how others rate this product.”

How we might accomplish these goals

…my brand is luxurious: Create exclusivity and a story around the product.

…worth the price tag: Have a focal benefit and compare to other brands.

…to read the customer reviews section towards the bottom: Showcase a customer review at the top or keep the introduction relatively short so readers arrive at the review section.

When you’re done writing your marketing copy, revisit your page goals and make sure your content is poised to achieve them.

Write Your Intro At Least 5 Times

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First impressions are important. It defines your why, showcases your brand, and tells a story in less than 10 seconds.

Whether you’re creating a simple heading with text, a new product tagline, or clever call to action, write multiple variations. Go outside the box (see the following copywriting tip) and get diverse input from different stakeholders in your organization.

Play with punctuation, adjectives, and rephrasing your “why.” Once you choose your favorites, put them away for a few days and finalize with a fresh mind.

Test Out Ostentatious

During your introduction and throughout your page, test out some showy, edgy, or downright cheesy marketing copy. This forces you to get creative and phrase your product/service’s benefits in a new way.

Doing this can also help:

  • Redefine features and benefits.
  • Resonate with a new audience.
  • Identify brand differentiators.
  • Confirm what not to write. 

This method is also fun and can recharge your enthusiasm around this core page.

Unique Adjectives: Use ’em

OUF Sign

Include some unique words in your headings and CTAs. Think interesting adjectives and verbs to jazz up your messaging and encouragement. Some random examples:

  • “the best mattress” >> “the comfiest thing you’ve ever laid on”
  • “gourmet cupcakes” >> “out-of-this-world, scrumptious cupcakes”
  • “creative web design” >> “trail-blazing web design to make you say, woah”

Toss your current adjectives into an online thesaurus or brainstorm with your team. These notable words create excitement and showcase the unique value your business brings.

Beware of overdoing this. If you use too many unique words, none of them remain unique.

Say it Out Loud

When you’re finished, read your copy out loud to someone (ideally someone removed from your process) and record their initial reaction and whether they understood your page’s goals.

Have them reply with their most essential takeaway. Is it what you expected?

This step is shockingly overlooked but is probably one of the most important copywriting tips to check off before publishing. This method finds confusing sentences, gaps in information, and missed points in a matter of minutes.

These five copywriting tips can help improve your core pages marketing copy drastically. If you need help strategizing core pages, mass-producing copy, or creating a brand voice, reach out to Zenman. Our content creation services can help your copy shine.

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