The “Why” Behind These 5 Logo Refreshes

Businesses refresh their logos all the time due to new technology (like changing screen size), mergers and acquisitions, or changes in digital design trends.

Each time an update is required, it’s essential to discuss the “why” with your branding team and designers so they understand your new direction and vision.

We think it’s best to illustrate this exercise with a few examples. Here’s a handful of logo refreshes we’ve worked on over the past few years and the “why” behind each logo’s inspiration. Today’s logo refreshes include:

  • BridgeView IT
  • Epoch Eyewear
  • Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors
  • Angel Catheter
  • Night of Mystery

Let’s do it.

BridgeView IT



BridgeView IT recruits professionals for open information technology positions. The company’s main goal was to attract new, young talent to their brand. To achieve this, we refreshed their logo to appear more modern and inventive, while keeping the general arrangement in place.


Epoch Eyewear Logo

Epoch Eyewear New logo

Epoch Eyewear is a veteran-owned eyewear brand aimed towards an active lifestyle. The main goal of this refresh was to highlight this veteran aspect of the company, so we transformed the ‘Double E’ into a soaring eagle, removed the gradients, and gave it a bit of color.


Pinnacle Old logo

Pinnacle new logo

Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors are a Denver commercial real estate company. They needed a logo refresh that served two distinct purposes:

  • Showcase them as experts in their industry
  • Be easily viewed and recognized on any sign around town

We completed this logo project by removing their dated gradients and shifting to sans serifs.

Angel Catheter

Angel logo old

Angel logo new

Angel Catheter is a revolutionary medical product from Bio2 Medical. The “why” behind this logo refresh was simple: update it to current design trends.

To achieve this, we removed the multiple instances of the gradient but kept the turns and overlapping elements of the mark.

Night of Mystery

Night of Mystery old logo

Night of mystery new logo

Night of Mystery is a parent brand that sells self-branded murder mystery parties. In short, they needed a simple yet creative mark that didn’t distract from their numerous mystery party brands. This strait-forward typeface was crafted and implemented to showcase them as a professional company with personality.

Each of these logo refreshes was completed by a team of brand managers, designers, and visionaries that took a core company message and turned it into a visual snapshot. If your company is in need of a logo refresh or branding review, contact the Zenman team today.

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