Driving organic traffic to your website is a critical part of your digital marketing strategy, and SEO remains a major focus for doing just that. But SEO is getting harder, additional strategies like paid search are becoming more expensive, and

As organizations of all sizes are forced to adapt to a suddenly changed marketplace, millions of small businesses now face an unprecedented cash-crunch: The median U.S. restaurant has just 16 days of cash in reserve and most retailers can only

Rebecca Gill is a well-known leader in the WordPress community, and she’s been building websites and offering SEO expertise for more than 15 years. While numerous tech trends have come and gone over that period, The Genesis Framework has remained

Even as WordPress core becomes more functional and dynamic with every new release, plugins—the modular bits of code users can harness to add functionality to their sites—remain one of the platform’s most popular draws.  With more than 55,000 free WordPress

As consumers evolve in the ways they interact with new technology, building engaging, dynamic digital experiences has never been more important for businesses of all sizes.  Today’s digital consumers expect the digital experiences they interact with to be fast and

AUSTIN, Texas — Feb. 19, 2020 –  New international research conducted by Vanson Bourne and commissioned by WP Engine, the WordPress Digital Experience Platform (DXP), shows WordPress is a top content management system (CMS) among enterprise businesses using two or

Cybersecurity continues to pose a challenge for businesses (and websites) of all sizes, and today, organizations face an evolving list of security threats and concerns. Businesses that fail to secure their digital experiences are increasingly vulnerable to attack from a

As a technology company that helps customers win online, WP Engine strives to delight developers by providing them with the best platform for building and maintaining WordPress sites. This takes shape in a number of ways, like providing customers free

At WP Engine, we’re committed to providing an inclusive environment where a diverse set of people can come together, be their authentic, whole selves and do their best work. This is made possible through our core values and our Open

You’re starting to skip over the intro slide on your presentation deck, all because the logo your friend’s cousin designed for you back when you were a 3-person company is no longer cutting it. You have investors, now, and real

Having good readable or viewable and share-able content is conditional for a website’s UX at this stage in the internet’s life. UX is shorthand for User eXperience, or how someone feels about their interaction with a system or interface. The

This Saturday, the Genesis Framework will celebrate its 10th birthday. That’s a full decade of WordPress websites that have benefited from Genesis, which has been one of the world’s most popular WordPress theme frameworks since it launched.  With the addition